Why Networking is Important for Hacking the Internet

networking stuxnoid
networking stuxnoid

Connection of computers is what we term as network. I’ve come across a lot of people asking the same question “Why is it important to learn networking before hacking ? Can’t I hack without learning networking?”. Well, the answer you obviously can hack without the knowledge of networking. But the demerit is that, only you can be able to hack and not merely understand what is going on the background.

That is, you cannot understand what is happening behind the hack. So what will happen if you don’t understand hack? Actually, hacking is an art and it doesn’t come by learning. It can be practised via exploring by trail and error. By watching dozens of YouTube tutorials, you can learn how to reproduce a hacking method. That is not at all termed as real hacking unless you learn what is happening in the back end. Everyone can hack but only some can understand how the hack is happening.

Why you should learn Networking :

All these hacking and penetration testing stuffs begun after the introduction of networking. When a group of computers connected to form a network, one among them wished to know what is happening on other’s computers and he worked as men in middle intercepting the data. This is how Men In The Middle Attack born. The era of Hacking born with the birth of networks. In order to spoof and bypass the networking protocols, you must know how they work. This is why it’s essential to learn networking.

So when you learn networking , you know how all the networking devices, protocols work and how they can be  spoofed. Most of the networking protocol has bugs that haven’t yet been patched. For example, everyone might have heard about popular technique ARP spoofing which is an attack that works by linking the victim’s IP address with client’s MAC address. There are a lot of unofficial patches available for this bug yet, there is no official update for this protocol because even if the consortium release an update now, all the networking devices that uses ARP protocol wont be able to get updated. And no one are willing to release official patches, unless it becomes a white paper in random journal.

Not only networking, but also you must know how the internet works. The Internet also has several protocols, ports, which paves the way for attacker to steal data. If you want to become a successful hacker, you must start from scratch and understand how the internet works. If youi learn Networking and How internet works, you can understand how the hack is happening and how cyber terrorists are able to steal our data.


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