Whatsapp trick to hang others Mobile by sending a text message (Explained)


Hi guys, gotta tired with the “Don’t touch here” txt message  ? ruling over the whatsapp chats and group.fine,lets mess up with this problem of the mobile hanging on touching  this text. It is  not some kind of malware as you think or virus as in non technical terms. I will explain on what is the reason behind this text  in this article.

Is it a Malware…?

Obviously ‘no’. It is just a text  . But how a text can make a phone hang for a few seconds…?  will be the possible question in this scenario. Yeah that’s  right , a text containing about 10 characters will not lead to this, but what if the text was made up of about  1000’s of characters.  The characters that is visible to you in that text will be only few but the actual no of thousands of characters will be encoded in this normal text . Now , in this case these numbers of characters will get overloaded in the whatsapp and the mobile application is unable to manage the data at the same time. This is the reason why the mobile gets hang up for few seconds. It is not only the problem with the whatsapp but it is also your mobile. If you try to view this text in your computer or any other devices with a higher end specifications than  mobile this problem is not executed. Even the texts are not properly sequenced in the web view.

Proof of concept:

Let’s look up with the proof of this concept. When I figured out the actual encoding of this text  and decode it . This was the actual result.

There was many number of characters which is encoded in MIK format . When an normal text was decoded it comes out with the result of KOI-7 decoding with only few no of characters only like this…

The format is not specific and it is not based on the format as it depends on the programmers wish. The actual point is the no.of characters that he has encoded . This was the vulnerability behind this condition. Even this vulnerability was reported whatsapp is not able to fix this due to some technical issues.

How does this encoding occurs….?

There is an method which will almost do the same scene but in a different manner. Here comes the concept called right-to-left mark (RLM) ,a non priniting character mechanism.The encoding is basically done as a non printing characters.For,example if the writer wants to send  more number of characters with only “Don’t touch here ” visible to you. The syntax of the code will look like this….

“hufvwggifgwigig–Don’t touch here!–viyvgeyig..goeson”

After decoding the non printing characters are visible in the form of Hebrew characters in the computer’s memory.

Copy the encoded text here

Decode it here

Note: Section 66A of the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 says that sending messages through social medias and causing inconvenience is a crime. wooo..we are threatened like anything… 🙂


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