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                      Gone are those days where people depend on more than one mode of transportation to get down with their day to day life.  When we pop the question “ What are the modes of transportation?” to a 12 year old kid , even that kid answers this with ease. This concept of Hyper loop is the fifth mode of transportation apart from the conventional Roadways, Railways, Waterways and Airways. Few does not accept with this statement since they only consider this as just another mode of transporting. But, to be honest, they are not always true. This technology is been enhancing the transformation of the world into a global village.

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         This idea was booted up by the one and only Elon musk, who is rumored to be the Iron man of the real world. Once he was known as a perfume company manager to some people as his name ends with musk.

He is the founder of the Space X startup company which is  at the zenith of it’s technological accomplishments nowadays. The hyper loop-one company was developed in organization with both tesla and Space X.

   This hyper loop technology provides the most fastest transportation with it’s peak velocity of 1,200km/h (760 mph). This concept is considered more complicated but not for Elon musk himself. He simply explains this technology as a pressurized pod moving within a near vacuum environment. Concise isn’t?

Elaborately it can be explained as a passenger or a freight transporting medium that implements pods that is sealed with tubes which are maintained under low pressure in order to provide a smooth ride with almost 

zero air friction or resistance. The major drawbacks of other transportation mode is the air resistance which we experience during the ride that decreases the speed.

Whereas here, there is no such thing called air resistance hence providing a faster and smoother ride. The pods( pressurized capsules) are allowed to travel with the help of an air induction motor within a low pressure tube. This enables the pod to float , or to be specific , levitate and move faster.

       They even conducted their test driving sessions in various places across the globe. Although their first test experiment conducted in Las Vegas where all the initial setups were made. The tubes and the pods were brought down and a test was conducted. After noticing positive results from the experiment , they further proceeded with a few more test experiments just to ensure the safety and efficiency. The first test was conducted by the hyper loop one company. They even conducted a test in Egypt. Another test was conducted by the HTT very recently in R&D center France. This one is the first full track passenger hyper loop experiment.

        Apart from hyper loop one, another leading Canadian based company  has also emerged known as The Hyperloop transportation technologies abbreviated to HTT. This startup was developed by a group of part time engineers who wished to make Elon’s wish come true.  It is been rumored to be the competitive rival company of hyper loop one.

    Recently, a Hyperloop pod has been developed by the engineers for the people of Dubai at the City Walk center.With their revolutionizing implementation of artificial intelligence via SOPHIA,  they have also planned to revolutionize the transportation system.

   Even though, we boast about the hyperloop, it still lacks in safety that occur due to any accidents. Many companies are about to evolve with the motive of developing this idea and also many engineers are needed to make it possible.

To all those engineers out there, get ready to mess your mind with these technologies.

author info:  sindhukrishna539@gmail.com


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