VEVO Youtube Channel Hacked and Despacito Deleted


Despacito song has been deleted from the Official Vevo yotube channel. Also, the Song titles has been changed to ‘hacked by kuroi’sh and prosox’. Not only official Vevo, some other channels like DrakeVevo and DJSnakeVevo has been hacked and the titles of their songs has been changed. A year ago, Vivo has been hacked and 3.12 TB media has been leaked. The leaked media contain several sensitive files and internal documents of Vevo. This hack was done Our Mine group last year.

Reason for VEVO Hack :

Hacker Prosox’s Tweet

The Hacker Prosox who hacked Vevo has unveiled that the hack has been done just for fun. Youtube’s spokesperson has conveyed that the after gaining access, the Hacker tried to  upload some videos which was aborted by the Youtube and the account was put under inspection. The hacker somehow got access to the VEVO’s youtube mail and password. “The source of the breach still remains unknown. All the videos has been revived and the account is now safe” says VEVO. It seems that VEVO is still investigating on this issue. There has been a myth skept spreading that the hack has happened by exploiting “Content Injection” bug in youtube. Because, by content injection you can inject your own content, but you cant actually delete a video.  But Vevo has purely agreed that the misconduct is due to breach on their end.

Above given is the screenshot of the videos hacked by Hacker Prosox. The hacker had renamed all the Videos associated with VEVO and he could have renamed Despacito also. But he didn’t do that, instead he deleted it. The reason for this deletion still remains unknown.

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