How to Use Cloud Linux For Free


This article will comes up with the tutorial on how to use kali linux on cloud for free and unlimited. In this pentesting era , it is necessary to have hacking os with the tools that are meant for specific attacks . so, we could not install the operating system instantly. so , we go for a cloud server where we can use the operating system in a instant and quick manner whenever and wherever we need it. There is a availability of Virtual private server (VPS) which can provide you the hosting for your virtual software.

Virtual private servers gives you the cloud management for the dashboard of your operating system. So , inorder to get these VPS services , some sites like host onecloud & security charges for the usage of the VPS service.

Free VPS for Kali linux: provides Vps not only for kali but also for many other OS such as Backtrack , redhat Linux and some more. It uses the Queue system for the non-traffic usage of the single server. Thus , if a user get logged in into his booted virtual os , he will be in a queue for a limited period (in secs) and when his turn comes he will get access to his cloud Os .

How to use the Free VPS service :

Step 1:

visit the official site of and click maximize on the top right corner where you can find a login option . click register and enter the credentials to signup.

NOTE: do not use a temporary disposable mail for registration.obviously it will not work because they uses the DNS entry validation system.

step 2:
After logging in you will have a JOIN QUEUE option . click that and join the queue.

step 3:
select Kali linux in the control tab and wait for the server to boot yopur desired Os . press switch on and get connected to the server. For this connection to the virtual server you will need a Telnet and ssh client for windows .
visit and download it for free….

step 4:
Enter the server name in the telnet client application.And you will get a command line interface which asks you for a username and password.

Username : root
password: kali
Press enter and enjoy free vps on cloud.

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