Upcoming Marvel Heroes from Marvel Rising

marvel heroes

Marvel Fans , The future heroic characters of Marvel are here. Last season , Marvel introduces “Marvel Rising” . “Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors” , This Animated movie will premier this year.

Marvel Heroes from Marvel Rising :

The Powered and skilled young super heroes who will be featured in “Marvel Rising” are Patriot , Squirrel Girl , Lockjaw , America Chavez , Ghost-Spider , Captain Marvel , Inferno , Quake and Ms . Marvel , joining together and rising up , and taking on an incredible evil force that threaten the people lives and the whole universe . The eccentric team of Marvel desires to inspire younger audiences.

  1. Gwen Stacy – Ghost Spider (Spider Gwen)


spider women

As same as Peter Parker (Spider Man) , Gwen Stacy also gets the spidey sense from being bitten by a radioactive spider. A free hyper teen was being called as a superhero as she is advancing the powers of spider. As Ghost-Spider , she helps the people who are in need and danger , but she has to keep it as a secret from her father, Captain George Stacy, Who sees Gwen Stacy ( Ghost-Spider) as more of a threat than a hero.

  1. Daisy Johnson – Quake



A stellar agent of S.H.I.E.L.D . Daisy gets into trouble after breaking the rules now and then. Daisy encourages the young group of heroes and through them she conceives the qualifications to become more fitting leader. She can propagate powerful vibrational waves similar to earthquakes.

  1. Dante Pertuz – Inferno



A speculate , dark loner. Dante has the power of pyrokinesis, that makes him to induce flames but he is not fully in control of his igneous abilities. Inferno is in the middle of Superior and vicious. He is unpredictable and unreliable.

  1. Kamala Khan – Ms. Marvel

miss marvel

The affectionate fan of Super heroes , peculiarly of her attorney Captain Marvel ; She is stubborn that she also can become a Superhero. Kamala is assembled with metamorphic powers that allow her to stretch , shrink , enlarge her overall size and body. She can also transform her physical appearance. She is specifically amorous of increasing her fists.

  1. Doreen Green – Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl

The super cool and humorous best friend of Ms.Marvel and also her teammate. Doreen Green has prior computer skills , elevated strength , sharpness , constancy and senses of a squirrel which makes her hyper active. Squirrel girl is irresponsible as she is a teen kid. Doreen has a Squirrel partner named Tippy Toe , The little squirrel friend Tippy toe is prepared and ready to become a victorious hero.

  1. American Chavez

america chavez

A energetic , sovereign young hero whose difficult past makes her to reject her leadership and all other duties. America Chavez’s dynamism includes superhuman strength , persistence , swiftness (speed) , and plus capability to fly.

  1. Rayshaun Lucas – Patriot


A universal born leader who is instantaneous to bound into action to enthuse his co-workers at S.H.I.E.L.D. Lucas conflicts to live up to Captain America’s legacy with virtue , honesty and above all – Order . His skills includes intensive strength , pace , vitality and endurance.

  1. Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel

captain marvel

A bantam , courageous leader who doesn’t make toothsome and is escorted by a strong sensibility of duty and honour. Captain Marvel is the capping encouragement for our troop of misfit heroes. She is implemented with enormous strength , can aviate super fastly and can exploit highly intensive energy blasts.

  1. Tippy Toe

Tippy Toe is the best squirrel friend and Doreen’s partner in crime. Squirrel girl may involve in illegal activities and Tippy Toe may help her. Tippy Toe and Squirrel girl has almost similar skills but Squirrel girl possess more power.

  1. Lockjaw


Kamala has a reliable scruffy dog named Lockjaw. Lockjaw has the power of teleporting with the help of teleporting bolt in its head which was pre-owned by Black Bolt.

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