Try the Gmail Redesign with new features and security Upgrades


The new redesign of google’s gmail is simply cool…. It’s the first ever update by google for a single application with these many features.

This awesome mail technology will give a more advanced and secure platform for communication. Let’s look out the freaking cool features of the Redesign…

1.Mail snoozing:

You can now snooze your mails as your alarms. If you dont need to response immediately, then make it to appear in your inbox for the time you wish.

This feature includes the nudges. Nudges will show you the duration of the recieved mail that you have not seen yet .This is done with the help of the AI.

2. Smart replies in web version.

Smart replying feature is already been implemented in the mobile version of gmail on 2015.But it is, enabled on web version too…

3 . Offline mode:

This is absolutely awesome. You can now type the response for your mail with out internet with airplane mode. And sync it with your inbox. Later, send it when you are online.. But you can view your mails offline..

4. Enhancers:

You can download and view the attachments without just clicking on the mail.

Security upgrade:

1. Crypto mailing: ( self destruction)

You can now manually set the span for the mails ( 1min to 5 years) , so that you can actually become more safe on sensitive and classified informations.

2. Non-forwardable:

Send your mails with setting the non forwardable gesture and make them unable to forward your messages. But, you can still screenshot it.

3. 2FA:

This a multi layer security. Two factor authentication for signing in is normal,but Now this feature can be applied for a single mail,requiring receivers to send a code to the sender via sms.

4. Anti – phishing:

Gmail can now detect the phishing sites with their advanced algorithm and can make you aware of them.

Here is, how can you use this new design from your older version.

Login in to your account
visit settings
And click the *try new gmail* option.


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