Top 5 Hacking Gadgets 2018


Disclaimer: This article will contain some gadgets that allows you to hack a physical device or hardware.The author is not responsible for the illegal things done with these devices.This content is purely for educational purpose.

1.Raspberry pi 3:

It is a small budget computer developed in united kingdom by Raspberry pi foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science and its working.But it can be modified as a portable medium for carrying your hacking os.

For example,take kali linux the most widely used os by penetration testers.This can be combined with the raspberry platform and can be used as a mobile. All you need for setting up this portable hacking device is,

  • Rasberry pi ( model B+)
  • An external wifi card
  • A battery pack (5v) with the in built usb port.
  • 8 gb sd card
  • A pitfit touch screen
  • A computer ( to configure your Raspberry pi)

Start the kali linux installation and configure your wifi cards to get the network enabled.

2.wifi pineapple:

It is software combined hardware intelligent device used for penetration testing in wireless networks. For men in the middle attack,logging,reporting,reconnaissance ,tracking and some other developed techniques to check the security level of the wifi used.

The way it is working is quite simple. Whenever you come to an area od a wifi range where you have connected your device already is the scene where the wifi pine apple takes advantage.It uses the target SSID and makes to connect them automatically by spoofing the wifi available in that range.I

t will also give you network access and perform the men in the middle attack.the network is provided by connecting the wifi pine apple to the usb modem or simple terms,it is a rogue access point.the configuration part does not involve much here because it is more over a firmware.

3.Rubber ducky.

It is a key stroke injection tool which is a usb type of device. The computer recognises it as a normal keyboard and the strokes are entered in the ducky with the pre programmed script in it. It is a simple payload made using scripting language.since 2010 it was familiar and famous among the hackers.

It is used In brute forcing a password with the password wordlist. Since it is recognized as a normal keyboard it can be used for bypassing the antivirus in a easy way. It can be configured in many way and one among them is mimikatz tool.It is a linux tool used to configure the ducky with the script and make it to dump all the passwords and usernames of the device in which it is inserted to.

4. Ubertooth one.

This hardware device is mostly used in the case of Bluetooth penetration testing.ubertooth one was designed in a way such that they monitor the connections of a bluetooth,that a penetration tester can identify the vulnerability or possibility of attacking the device .

It is much affordable than any other Bluetooth monitoring device.this might be useful in the case of blueborne using ubertooth one ,the possibility of the blue born attack can be deteted and can be prevented.

5. SD sniffer

Looks like an interesting one . this sniffer device is used to sniff the traffic coming back and forth the is designed in a way that they can be inserted in a normal sd card socket of a device.compatabile for both pc’s and mobile phones.the sniffer is available in variety of size according to the socket size.

most probably it will detect the SPI signals to and fro the capturing the traffic of serial peripheral interface the device can recognize the sender of the data and can be reverse engineered.

happy hacking 🙂


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