Top 3 Hand Gesture Controlled Drones


Here we bring you the list of top 3 economic and affordable drones that doesn’t actually require a remote to operate it. Yes, they work based on Gesture mode. Some of them are as follow

Top 3 Hand gesture Controlled Drones 2018

3) XForce Quadcopter drone :

X Force DroneThough it’s a gesture controlled Drone it requires remote control in order to understand the gesture made. The Xforce quadcopter is not unconditionally an hand gesture supervised drone since it requires a medium to transmit it’s gesture signals. It weighs an average of 0.227 kilograms.

The Remote control required to make the gesture will look like a keyboard mouse. But this mouse controller is much better than the remote provided by the other Drone manufacturers. This drone is out there at Amazon for $30. This is the most cheapest hand gesture controlled Drone available at this price. The only disappointment is, this Drone requires 3AAA batteries which is not included within the package. To buy this drone, go here.

2) KD Interactive Aura Drone :

KD Interactive Aura Drone

KD Interactive Aura DroneSimilar to the above one, this isn’t also an entirely gesture controlled drone, but this is far better than the above drone. The Drone manufacturer provides you with gloves with which you’ll be able to actually control your drone. The hand gestures made are converted into electromagnetic signals by the gloves and transmitted to the Drone. The Drone receives the electromagnetic signals converts it into its own language, and acts in accordance with that. The KD drone weighs an average of 0.45 KG.

This drone is particularly designed for indoor flight and never advised to fly on outdoor environs. It comes with rechargeable batteries. It has various automated futures like auto take off, auto hover and auto landing. Although this drone looks quite decent, the Amazon users reviewed this as a waste of money. Most of the users were disappointed with the build quality of this drone and its battery backup. Users have complained about the mediocre battery performance of the drone and asked not to buy. The drone costs almost 60$ in amazon.

1) DJI Spark :

DJI Spark

DJI SparkThis is the world’s first mechanized drone. As soon as it jumps off from your palm, it enters into ‘Palm Control’ mode aka Hand Gesture mode. This drone was released a year ago and recieved a huge response in drone market. This drone was the first of its Gesture kind. This drone can fly a peak upto 960 seconds (16 minutes). This drone is out there at market for a Whopping price of 450$. It comes with 5 colours (Alphine White, Lava Red, Meadow Green, Sky blue, Sunrise yellow). By default, the package doesn’t come with a controller.

However all the DJI drones are App controlled and also a controller can be purchased if required. The amazon reviews shows that this drone does a neater job for its money. You can purchase this drone from amazon over here.


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