Best Temporary E-mail providers (disposable mails) 2018

Get rid of spammers using these throwaway e-mails and ensure your security against phishing and fake e-mails.


Ever wandered into an advertisement page or any online site that asks you to log in or to sign up using your email address and you feel insecure about the disclosing of your mail address.

If yes, then you may be probably experiencing plentiful spam emails which include abundant thanks notes.

Don’t worry about such kind of issues anymore because temporary emails are there for the rescue.

Disposable Email Address(DEA) technically means the approach where a user obtains a current mail address for further communication.

Why do you need a DEA?

There may be a lot of reasons for gaining a Disposable email address. It is not only used by hackers but also by various professionals for their own purposes.

Some of the important reasons for you to have a DEA are as follow.

  1. If you don’t want to receive any promotional emails or advertisements, these service providers are a good deal.
  2. If you want to test any web application anonymously since you feel a little doubtful or insecure about it.
  3. Eliminating spam. (Most important reason)
  4. If you want to use multiple accounts on a website.

Even though we use spam filters for avoiding spams, they are more vigorous enough to penetrate from those filters.

Almost all the websites you visit asks/requests you to create an account for logging in as a user in the forthcoming days.

It is not safe for us to provide our personal mail address to all of these websites.

With the help of these throwaway emails, you can easily test the reliability of the websites by checking if any spam email was received or not.

We already discussed the Telegram, which is also a disposable email address. If you haven’t read it yet. Have a glance below.

List of throwaway email providers:

  • Mailinator(One of the best)
  • 10 Minute mail
  • Melt Mail
  • Guerilla Mail
  • TempEmail
  • Filz Mail
  • Mail drop
  • Fake Mail Generator

And trust me, the list goes on.

How would you select the best among them?

  • The users must access the disposable email simply at one click and should not contain any technical procedures.
  • The users can be able to create multiple emails anonymously.
  • Need to have a good trustworthy User Interface(UI).

Among from these series of DEAs, we can look some of the most popular, powerful and efficient throwaway email providers.


One of the most prominent and effective disposable email provider ever. It allows you to access public inboxes of any name and there is no need for signing up except in the case of forwarding and saving these emails.

Here the name of the email can be set up manually by the user since it is a public inbox. This Mailinator automatically deletes the emails received after a short span of time.

The mailinator look

10 Minute mail:

Within ten minutes. Very much a great deal.

It simply generates some random email address that can be accessed only for 10 minutes.

the only disadvantage of this email is that we cannot choose our own name for the emails instead they generate random names.

But it is very much worth for ten minutes. Moreover, it is a non-forwarding DEA.

This makes you realize that ten minutes is a lot of time.

Melt Mail:

Melt mail forwardable as well as disposable.

One of the prominent advantages of using this DEA is that we can set up the validity of the email address manually and it is also forwardable(but it requires the users to sign in.)

So, that’s all folks. Make use of these Disposable Email Addresses productively. Cheers.


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