Tap your neighbours key logs with your Android Mobile


Yeah it is definitely  possible , to tap someone’s key log without their knowledge . It involves some technology that is basically developed to  execute an understandable communication between the customer and the service provider.  DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency Signaling ) is a technology which establish a frequency based acknowledgable communication between the user and the server. It is also called as pulse dialing in olden days. It is interesting to note that it was invented in 1880’s.Still grounded  with this concept..? fine , I will give a child’s play explanation  🙂

When you reach your customer care for trouble shooting some problems with your network service or any other ,you actually communicate with a machine that understands your dial tone and gives back the response . It says to press 1 for English or languages that is available in your area  and most probably you will press it . This dial tone will be observed by the machine through radio frequency and you will get the response . this is how it works…

So, if we use the same DTMF technology in your android mobile to tap your neighbor’s key log it will be piece of cake to do that.

How to do it in your Android mobile?

Don’t do it practically when your friend or neighbor is dialing someone will be a awkward disclaimer for this post, i guess.so lets get started with the steps.It is very simple . Download the DTMF decoder from the app store and install it in your mobile. For testing this keep another phone with the DTMF decoder installed mobile . Press any key  in the dial pad with the two mobiles in a limited distance of about 2 m and not more than that. This dial tone can be differentiated and get registered in your decoder app . Finally, check the accuracy by matching the logs.  The decoder can understand what each dial tone refers to and makes it visible in your app. To know, the sound representation of each number watch here.

Happy tapping 🙂



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