Stay anonymous with Vpn and Tor


Why do we need a vpn?

Virtual private network is specifically used for securing the data transfer from exposing it  to the MITM (man in the middle). It prevents the data being stolen by the intruders and even if they get the data it is difficult to decrypt them. Due to the non availability of the session key.Think , if you are connected to a wifi provided by a company. you may not sure that your communication is so secure that your boss may watch at your web activities and data transfer . so , to ensure your communication you may need the technology called vpn. Through ,VPN you can connect to the web anonymously because vpn encrypts your traffic and provides tunneling. Some government authorized sites block their connection to the unauthorized members but with help of vpn you can bypass those restrictions and can get access  as a piece of cake in a simple case.

But not in all cases you can get the anonymity with the vpn .Even with the usage of VPN ,some sites store your ,my suggestion is to use the combined technology of both ‘Tor’ and vpn. Tor pierces your network through several network nodes. So Tor via vpn is one of the most recommendable technique.


Session key generation:(process)

Now i will give a explanation as easy as a pie in this case. If a data transfer is being done between ‘A’ and ‘B’ who has both public and private key.  ‘A’ sends his data by encrypting it with ‘B’s public key and in turn ‘B’ decrypts the data with his private key and it is vice versa in case of ‘B’ sending his data. Finally the session key do the process of decrypting the data with the help of private key.

A  question arises that, what if the private key gets leaked?

Well, in this case the digital signature is introduced. Digital signature -a digital code which is embedded in the document to verify it’s data and the senders identity.

Free vpn:


There are several free vpn providers available online. These vpn providers have their limited usage terms and conditions. And some provides the vpn in an unlimited period of time. Some of the sites with these features are listed below with their links.





Hotspot shield free


Visit any of these sites and get their prior app installed and look for a free premium option and select it. And you can secure yourself.




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