Play store denies Patanjali’s Kimbho app

Patanjali's Kimbho app which was expected to give a tough competition to Whatsapp and Facebook stuck in the entry level of Play store.


Recently, the Patanjali’s Kimbho application was removed from the google play store. This app was targetted to overcome the Whatsapp and Facebook craze in India by introducing more of a desi app for the Indians to access. Baba Ramdev, the owner of Patanjali products, released this application under the banner of Patanjali communication. After the swadeshi sammridhi sim card, this Kimbho application was launched and was soon removed from the google play store on Thursday morning. Some netizens also say that they were a mere copy paste of another application. Nevertheless, their efforts need to be respected.

The picture of the kimbho app before it was removed by the Play store.

Why was it removed from the play store?

 It was stated that the application had a lot of security issues and many hackers found a vulnerability which easily bypasses the verification process. Even though the app boasted itself to let the Indians access a more desi and secure app, it didn’t make it possible. Initially, the app was downloaded by around five thousand people across the country with around six hundred and fifty-seven people giving it a positive review. But the officials of Patanjali communication provide another explanation which was very different from the previous one. they claim that the demand for this application is increasing and gaining more and more expectation such that many created a lot of fake apps very much similar to this. They state that there were no security issues and counterclaim it to be a lie.

The recent tweet of one of the officials of Patanjali communications.


Abundant fake applications:

The scads of fake apps

This article is mainly to alert the users not to download any Patanjali application available from the play store. The reason is that it was already deleted from the google play store. This app was also deleted from the apple app store.

The users must know the difference between an original and a fake application. Some of the following measures can be done to ensure whether an application is trustworthy or not

  • Look out for the name of the developer and the full name of the application.
  • Check the user reviews and the ratings of the particular application.

Always cross verify the trustworthiness of anything.


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