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Mr. Kamalhaasan had started his own party names as Makkal Needhi Mayyam on February 21,2018.

Since then, he had been undergoing a lot of campaigns both online and offline. Kamal Haasan is generally a talented actor as well as an intelligent & innovative socialist.

He was pioneer of all the child actors since he started his acting at a very small age.

kamal has spoke about infinite issues of Tamilnadu and had raised his majestic voice against corrupt politicians.

For the last few years, Kamal has been politically active and has been first to stand against tamilnadu’s issues.

Kamal haasan was planning to create a party for a long time and as soon as Rajini announced his party, without wasting time, Kamal has also made his political entry.

It’s a well known fact that Rajini sir has mass fan base than Kamal Haasan but once can not just win in politics with his fan base.

Right form the announcement of Rajini’s party name, Rajini has been eagerly involved in Meeting his fans and having Photo-shoot.

It’s worth to mention that Mr. Rajinikanth has maintained his silence over critical times of Tamilnadu for years.

Right after starting his political party, he started releasing statements expressing his opinion on every incident. To be honest, who cares about his opinions ?

What we need is solution for our problems, not opinion. Kamal has already released an Android Application for his political party.

The Application named “Maiam” is built for users who wish to join his political party. This keep keeps updating about the recent events conducted by his party.

A recent update (1.1) for this Application has been released on 15.05.2018. The application has already gained 10,000+ installs.

Maiam Political party has it’s own website To download Maiam application,

Go here :

Maiam Whistle App Free Download :

But Kamal Haasan as usual goes out of the box and makes move that really helps people.

Even his party name is termed as “Makkal Needhi Maiam” which means People’s Justice Center. Kamal Hasaan takes steps that reflects his party name.

He released an Android Application today called Maiam Whistle. The app comes with a caption of “Keep Vigil with Whistle”.

Whistle is tool to call or notify something. In this Application, Public Citizens can capture the crime and upload it to the entire world.

The videos will be forwarded to the concerned authority and actions will be taken.

I would say this as a pretty innovative initiate which no politician took. Kamal has released a glimpse regarding the release of this Maiam Android Application.

As far as I know, there is no beta release for this App and the app becomes available in play store by 30.05.2018 (today) evening at 5 p.m.

Many online activists as well as his fans had welcomed this idea of creating an Application for publicizing the issues happening in Tamilnadu.

Though, it is a good initiative, the reach and support depends upon the working of this Application. We hope that this Application would help us in an effective way.

To download Maiam Whistle Android Application,

Go here :


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