Listen to free radio with RadioGram (Best Radio App)


Currently, while writing this article, the app is still in beta phase. It hasn’t yet released for public use, yet the app has exceeded over 50,000 downloads. I have used many applications that offers free radio service. They come with irritating ads and annoying in app purchases. Among all the radio apps I have used, I would definitely prefer RadioGram because it has a list of radio channels for all the languages. It has more than 15 channels for Tamil Language. I haven’t seen any app providing these much of radio channels for Tamil language especially.

Radiogram has a smooth UI and it doesn’t actually suck more battery as other would do. It plays in the background with decent battery usage. The audio quality of the radio channels were pretty good. It provides location as well as language based radio channels. RadiGram currently in it’s beta phase has radio channels for the following Languages.

1) Tamil
2) Telugu
3) Malayalam
4) Hindi
5) Kannada
6) Punjabi

Also RadioGram has an “Others” category which consists of miscellaneous Radio Channels. The app is itself a treat for music lovers since they can hear radio music according to their taste. The app has three different categories for different types of music lovers.
1) Pop
2) Bollywood
3) Classic Hits
4) Oldies
5) Religion
6) Chill-out
7) Rock
8) Dance

Users can stream music as per their mood. Each category consists of several radio stations. The radio station is of your choice. You can tap on the radio station to start playing the music. The app has quite a handy feature called “Sleep Timer”. It allows you to control the playing time of each radio station. You can add sleep timer to control how long the Radio should play. If you’re about to sleep within few minutes, you can set “15 minutes” sleep times, so that the app won’t be running all the night until you manually stop. You can add radio stations to your Favourite List. The allows us to visit the Homepage of each and every radio station it has. To download the application, visit


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