Is exploit-db fair among security researchers ?


I myself Adithyan AK published an blog regarding drupal dagger earlier !!

Drupal Dagger is a dork discovered by my Team Mate Mohan Of TPH Infosec. During his recon, Mohan discovered this dork which let him bypass the login and also reset the password random drupal website users without asking for old password.

Here you can see mohan sent this dork to exploit-db on May 8 2018

Today we were astonished to see an dork published under a different name. Is exploit-db doing a fair work among the security researchers or is their administration failing to see who exactly reported or just taking the last reports.

Mohan and Velayutham Selvaraj also states they sent nearly 10 exploits only on the softwares but only four were published and rest where published on someones name .

Every security researcher expects a little recognition dont they. Now the question is is exploit-db fair to them or they are simply doing a work which they cant cope up.


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