How to Install Metasploit in Android without Root


Metasploit had been the unbeaten tool for exploitation for years. It’s the most used framework for exploitation and most preferred by the Hackers.

Even the Equation Group (White Hat Hackers Group) of CIA had used a framework similar to Metasploit named FuzzBunch.

Metasploit due to it’s global use and essentiality, now supports mostly all the devices. It can be installed in most of the operating systems including but not limited to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

In Kali Linux, Metasploit comes pre installed in all the versions including the lighter one due to it’s importance. Since Android is also a linux architecture, It can run Metasploit.

Metasploit can’t be installed as Application and it won’t be available in Playstore. To run Metasploit on Android Device, We must need Termux which is capable of running the Metasploit framework.

Termux is similar to a Terminal in Linux platform. It executes various system level and network level commands and can also run several supported frameworks.

The best feature of this app is that it doesn’t require any root privileges. So, this can be installed in non-rooted mobiles also.

How to Install Metasploit in Android without Root :

  • First, Visit Playstore and download Termux App.
  • Open the app and type
  • apt update && apt upgrade
apt update && apt upgrade
apt update && apt upgrade
  • Now, an Update will run and it will prompt you a message regarding the size of the Update.
  • Type”Y” and hit enter.
  • Now, to download a package from Internet, we must need CURL tool. To install CURL, type
  • apt install curl
  • After successfully Installing curl, Make a Directory for Downloading Metasploit. To create a directory, type
  • mkdir msf
  • Then type cd msf
  • Now you be changed into the msf directory you’ve created. To install metasploit, type
  • curl -LO
Curl command to Install Metasploit
Curl command to Install Metasploit
  • After downloading, We’ve to change the mode of the Downloaded metasploit into executable. So, type
  • chmod +x
  • Now that we have changed the mode, let’s execute it by typing
  • ./
  • Now, the .sh file will begin it’s Download and installation process. It may take upto 30 mins or more depending upon your network speed.
Metasploit Downloading
Metasploit Downloading
  • After Download, you can launch Metasploit by typing “msfconsole”
Metasploit on Android
Metasploit on Android

After installing Metasploit, you can launch exploits and can use ngrok for ssh tunneling to hack on WAN.


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