Injecting Cryptominers into Nulled WordPress Themes (Earn Money)

Cryptojacking using wordpress nulled theme
Cryptojacking using wordpress nulled theme

Warning : All the contents provided below is for education purposes only. The Author is not responsible for misuse of the information in this website and it can result in criminal charges.

What are Cryptominers ?

Cryptominers are used for mining crypto currencies using machine power. generally, in order to mine crypto currencies, users would require a high speed processor, internet etc. Crypto mining is a process by which you can get paid by solving complex problems. But you don’t actually have to solve the problem. You should buy a crypto miner or use your computer with higher configuration for solving the problem. You get paid in crypto currency for serving the process of problem  solving with your machine power.

To know more about crypto currencies and block-chains,

How to Join a Blockchain Beginners Tutorial

At beginning, computers and dedicated machines were used for the process. But now, the process has been extended and came even in android mobiles also. You can now mine bitcoins and other crypto  currencies even in your smart phone. When years passed by, Hackers have started to mine crypto currencies in the computers they have hacked. They utilized it’s machine power and earned bitcoins. Later, this process from computer extended to websites, with a new term called Crypto Jacking.  In Crypto Jacking, the attacker install’s a malicious script in his website and hijack the machine power of the visitors who visit his website and use them for mining.

How to Inject Cryptominers into Nulled WordPress Themes :

Warning : CryptoJacking is illegal and may sentence you in prison for years.

Nulled WordPress themes are often preferred by WordPress users nowadays. Having over 80 million users, WordPress stands as the top Content Management System (CMS). There are lot of online websites available for downloading nulled themes. Now, to earn money from cryptomining, you should signup to a site that offers crypto jacking script. Coin hive is the most famous webstite that offers crypto jacking javascript. Top torrent sites like Pirate-bay was once found using the cryptojacking scripts of Coin hive. Coin hive is mines a type of crypto currency called Monero. To know more about crypto jacking,

Cryptojacking & Coinhive – Legal or Illegal?

  • Create an account in coin hive and login.
  • Get your java script. The coin hive java script would look like

Image result for piratebay coinhive

  • Download a WordPress Nulled Theme of your choice. Newspaper and News-mag are most searched themes.
  • Extract the WordPress theme and look for a specific php file to inject your miner java script.
  • For example purpose, I have selected Newspaper theme.
files inside nulled wordpress theme
files inside nulled theme
  • I have selected search.php file. You can select any php file. Select a file that  would appear in all the pages. Index.php would be a good option.
  • Copy the javascript from coinhive and paste in the php file of your choice.
injecting javascript miner in source code
injecting miner in source code
  • After injecting your coin hive cryptojacking java script into the source file of the WordPress theme, save the file and close the file.
  • Now archive back all the files and upload to the internet.
  • Make a blog post with title “Newspaper Nulled WordPress Theme”.
  • Change the title Newspaper with the name of the theme you have selected.
  • When you get enough traffic, users will download your theme and upload them in their word press website.
  • Once they installed, all the traffic they get in their website will be made use by the malicious java script.
  • The CPU power of the visitors of your victim’s website will be consumed by the script for mining crypto currencies.
  • Higher the traffic, Higher the CPU power.
  • Higher the power, higher the mining.
  • Higher the mining, higher the money.
  • You can cash out your money from coin hive once you reach the threshold limit.



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