Access Blocked Websites using VPN Hub in Android and iOS


Yeah guys, the guess is right. The world’s one of the leading adult entertainer porn hub launches it’s first vpn service dubbed in the name of vpn hub recently.

This creates chaos all over the internet because why should them Provide such a vpn service not only for their users but also for any common web surfers.

Then it is revealed that they were in association with some third party companies to make profit on vpn service.

As we all know , virtual private networks provides service to transmit data anonymously with secure connections, make encrypted connection even when you are connected to an open wifi network available in the public places.

This service of vpn hub is open source and free in ios and android devices whereas in mac os and windows it is only compatible with premium account.

The privacy policy and terms of conditions of vpn hub says that they will never reveal any details of their customers on any high level threatens and it is more secured than anything.

The interesting part is this vpn hub comes with more features and with a great UI than any other service providers.

There are many server locations available than in normal vpn services. It has a simple user interface which makes the users more comfortable.

Now, lets start with the using process of this new vpn service.

Step 1:

Download vpn hub from playstore and install it in your android or ios device

Step 2:

Open the application in your device and sign up to become a member of this service to get more offers. You can even use this service without signing up.

Step 3:

Click the centre button to get started with the vpn service . Now your connected with the vpn hub with secure and encrypted connection.

Happy safe surfing 🙂


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