How to use Google Dorks to get free Avast Licence


Warning : Usage of Pirated Licence keys is illegal and We advise not to use them. This article is for educational purposes only.

Google dorks are used to find a lot of juicy infos over internet. In penetration testing, Google dork plays a handy role in finding SQL errors, URL parameters, Directory listing and other sensitive informations.

It can also be used to find passwords from certain files hosted on vulnerable websites. This has been the primary use of dorks since ages. But, We can also use dorks to find license keys for your Antivirus.

Get Avast Licence ID using Google Dorks
Get Avast Licence ID using Google Dorks

Some website admins use their website’s FTP for storing their Own Files in cloud thinking that they’ll be safe online. But not really they are. They are indexed by Search engines like Google which makes them vulnerable for Google Dorks.

Antivirus companies like Avast are major firms and finding their cracked version is a bit tedious and time consuming process. Sometimes, the cracked version may get detected by your existing antivirus and the downloaded file may be removed for security purposes.

Sometimes the crack may not work. Well now, you dont have to waste time searching for cracked version of Avast. A dork from GHDB (Google Hacking Database) can find license keys and save your time.



The above dorks find the publicly hosted Avast Antivirus Licence. These license contains several information like

Avast Licence Key using Dorks
Avast Licence Key using Dorks
  1. License creation date
  2. License expiry date
  3. Update license expiry date
  4. License ID
  5. Name of Product

Most of the times, these dorks will results the licence keys which are out of date. You should manually verify whether the license can still be used or out dated. Remember, using others license is illegal.

This tutorial is just to show you how others can steal your licence key if you have hosted it over untrusted websites. So be careful while uploading your files to internet because you cam never be sure that only you can see the files you’ve upload.

A breach can occur at any time. It’s always safe to store and backup data offline in a SSD when compared to HDD or cloud. If you wish to upload on Cloud, Take necessary security measures before uploading.



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