If you think you can track an email address effortlessly using easily reachable apps notably for Gmail such as mailtrack.io , boomeranggmail etc. , then of course you can track but with very less location accuracy. Most of these apps are premium apps and they offer you 7 days free trial but just for the sake of tracking, premium apps are quite too much.

These mobile apps are efficient and beneficial only to a certain extent but when you want to unleash the full accuracy of tracking, then follow these steps.

But wait before getting through this, let’s get to know some of the basic info of email tracking.

Email header : 

When you consider an email, we have three basic components which are the email body , email envelope and  most importantly the email header. Most of you are quite familiar with the email body and email envelope but this email header is a bit tricky as well as interesting.  This email header is the imperceptible content of an email that contains various information that include : the date , time , place , forwarded recipient lists, the content character encoding, the character set used (UTF-8) etc. which will be tagged by the MTA(Mail Transfer Agent). This MTA is very nothing but a software  that helps the computer to send the emails from one computer to another using a client-server application architecture. There are many aliases for this software such as mail server, mail exchanger, MX etc.This email headers are also entitled by these MTAs. These headers should always be read from the bottom to top. Whenever an email is sent across a network, these MTA are responsible for scripting the details of the recipient address as well as other information of the mail. These mail headers can be effectively used for tracking the route and the location of the mail. Steps for tracking ( since most of use Gmail , these methods are applicable only for Gmail )

  • Open your email inbox.(Gmail)
  • Search for the email and the sender’s email for which you want to know the location.
  • Near the reply icon, a gear icon will be present. Click on the gear icon and select show original.
  • Now, the email headers will be seen.
  • Visit the website whatismyip.com and go to the email tab.
  • Enter the email header in the given below space..
  • And finally you get an IP address and now you can locate that IP in a map.

Hence successfully traced an email address using it’s header.

Below is an example for an email header which must be read from the bottom to top.

NOTE:  All the results obtained are not 100% accurate since we are common people. However for mission critical applications done by the police and other CBI officials, they obtain an accurate result of the location of an email.

This tracking is especially done to check whether an email is a phishing mail or spam mail sent by sender.




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