How to trace the Location of an ip with Bluethunder tool


Trace others ip and know their location. To trace an ip and know their location, there will be the need of the victim’s ip. So, in order to make this possible you can refer the post on how to get victim’s ip by sending a url link.All you want is a server and a php file with the meta data description. So that you can make it more easier to capture the ip of the person you want.

How to get whatsapp users ip by sending a link

Tracing the geolocation can be possibly done with the tool called Blue thunder. This tool is developed on perl language . To get started with fire up your kali linux and move on with the following steps…

(Installation process)
Step 1:

Install perl package with the command

apt-get install local-lib perl
apt-get install libjson-perl

Step 2:

Get the blue thunder tool from the github and install with the wget command.

Step 3:
After installing go for checking the availability of the file Give permission for execution of the file with

Chmod +x

Step 4:

Start the tool with the command


(Tracing process) :

Get the ip of the victim from the whatsapp link process and start tracing his location without his knowledge. Make sure ,that you have installed the latest version of bluethunder and then proceed.

Use the command for tracing.

Perl (ip)

The following features will be available in this tool :

1. Know the internet service provider (ISP) of the victim.
2. Name of the country at the moment victim is living.
3. Name of the city that he resides currently .
4. Geo location with latitude and longitude.
5. Current time zone of his location.

With these features a victim can be easily traced with a 32 bit internet protocol address.
This can be used in cyber crime investigations to find the current location and capture them..

Start tracing folks :}


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