In the current scenario, the netizens all over the world may be probably enjoying the New G-mail update. The new design of G-mail has raised the eyebrows of a whole lot of people. One of the most peculiar features of this new update is the ability to send Self-destructive Emails to any contacts. We have already written about the new g-mail design. If not read yet, have a look at that.

Try the Gmail Redesign with new features and security Upgrades

What is this crypto mailing?

Crypto mailing is the approach where a user can send self-destructive emails(emails that expire after a certain amount of time.) The expiry of these emails can be fixed manually. These emails cannot be forwarded to any recipient or copy/pasted. If the sent email is not opened in a Gmail web application, then a link will be provided to open the email which asks the user for the passcode that is sent to the once again to the recipient.

Before they were plenty of chrome extensions equipped with the ability to self-destruct. Some of the popular extensions were:

In Gmail, we can enable crypto mailing by following these simple steps:

  • Open your Gmail inbox and click on compose button.
  • Enter your desired recipient address in the particular column
Self Destructive Email
The Confidential mail option available at the bottom. Only seen in the new Gmail design
  • Once you clicked the icon, you can set up the expiry time which extends up to 5 months.


Self-Destructing Emails
The expiry date of the e-mail. Here we set up to one day.
  • When the expiry date is set up, it also asks the sender whether an SMS passcode authentication is required. It is optional. The expiry by default is set to one week.
After enabling the confidential mode.
  • Now the confidential email can be sent to the desired recipient. The sender can also disable after sending the email.
Self-Destructing Emails
My first confidential mail sent to dk Since it is not opened in a Gmail application, it sends a link to that e-mail.
  • After clicking on to the link, it prompts for a passcode. By entering that passcode, you can access the mail.
Self-Destructing Emails
crypto email received.

The major disadvantage:

One after reading this may think that this feature is quite productive and efficient, but still, it lacks at one particular point. Screenshot. Yes, screenshots could be taken easily. Hope Gmail does something to solve this screenshot issue in the upcoming updates.

Caution is the confidential agent of Selfishness!!!






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