How to Join a Blockchain Beginners Tutorial


Block chain is an underlying technology to manage online transactions of cryptocurrency , exclusively, bit coins . Now I will give a childsplay explanation on block chain. The name BLOCK CHAIN itself manifests the core part of this technology. It consists of a block with the sender’s bit coin address, the receiver’s address and the amount of bit coin. This block encompasses the data of those transactions. Every transactions in the web has their own cryptographic hash functions, the main mechanics is that these blocks has their own function and the function of the previous block. So, if we bid to change the function of a single block it automatically changes the hash functions of all the block and this makes the block chain hard to find. Thus it is considered to be more secured beyond the existing technologies.

How to Join a Block chain :

Block chain , is a bank of our own. Each person in the chain can monitor and manage their own transactions with their ledger. If a person wants to join the block he has to share his ledger with the members of the chain. The basic requirements for this technology is the cryptographic keys. The sender and receiver each of them holds the public and the private key to create an extremely secured digital signature . Secondly ,the chain should contain the distributed network with a shared ledger. This distributed network must be decentralized with a user to user connection .

To know more about joining a block chain, click here.

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