How to Install Metasploit SqlMap Nmap in Google Cloud Shell


As we all know, Gcloud is cloud computing platform for programmers and developers. Google provided a exclusive free coupon for 365 days to students worldwide.

In the Gcloud developer console, We can see an interactive shell icon. Clicking on it will open up an Gcloud shell of a linux machine. It comes with a space of 5GB.

Let’s try to mess with gcloud and setup few pentesting tools. The advantage of using pentesting tools in gcloud shell is that we can get a high speed internet.

For example, we all know that Google uses a high speed internet in thier Gcloud platform which means that Gcloud shell also has High bandwidth.

We can use this high internet speed to perform Reconnaissance, Foot printing and even perform attacks from Google so that the attacker will still remain anonymous since the attack will be shown as originating from Google servers.

Getting ROOT access :

Though running on Linux, We don’t require a password to get root access in cloud shell. Type in “sudo su” and hit enter. That’s it. You’ll get root access and now you can install, manipulate, perform whatever you want.

Installing Sqlmap :

You can install sqlmap by using “apt-get install sqlmap“. Sqlmap will get installed.

Installing Nmap :

The same command which you use in your Linux. “apt-get install nmap

Installing Metasploit :

Copy paste the following command to get msf installed in your cloud shell.

curl > msfinstall && chmod 755 msfinstall && ./msfinstall

Thats it. Metasploit will get installed. Launch it by typing ‘msfconsole’. If you want to setup local sql server, install it by using ‘apt-get install postgresql’.

Thats it. Now we have few basic tools to perform attacks. Since Gcloud shell is a linux architecture, we can install all the tools that can be installed in Linux platform. Since all commands are executed on google cloud, all the internet operations done on cloud shell will be much faster than than in our own machines.


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