How to Install Kali Linux in Android using Limbo PC Emulator without Root

Kali Linux 2018.3 Download

Kali Linux is a penetration testing used widely by hackers. Kali Linux due to its essential use supports all the devices and can be operated on any operating system including Android.

The best way to run Kali Linux on the computer is using Virtual Machine or Virtual Box. We can install Kali Linux by dual boot but it will cause a lot of problems. If you run Kali Linux through any virtual machine, the processing speed will be comparatively lower than of a Kali Linux Machine running on Dual Boot.

This Article in detail explains about installing Kali Linux on your Android device without rooting.

How to Install Kali Linux in Android without Root :

There are a couple of ways to install and run Kali Linux. One among them is using PC emulator for installing Kali Linux. Limbo PC emulator is a best working app for this process. Download Limbo PC Emulator from play store

By its build, Limbo PC emulator can only run on 32bit operating systems. So, Browser to Official Kali Linux website and download a Kali Linux Light 32 bit iso file. The File size is about 850+ MB. Download it and place it in your Android’s internal storage.

Now Open Limbo PC Emulator and configure it with the below shows Configurations.

Limbo PC Configuration
Limbo PC Configuration

After configuring, Mount the ISO under CDROM as depicted below.

kali linux configuration

Image source:

Make sure you’ve set all the configurations as same as shown in the picture. After this, you’ll be prompted to “Advanced Configurations” tab. Don’t make any changes in the tab.

Leave the default settings and click on “Start” button to start installing the operating system in your Android Device.

kali linux installation
kali linux installation

Now, choose the “Install” option and you’ll be asked to select your Language. Select it and choose your Location. After that, detection of network hardware and other steps will take place. Then you’ll be prompted to set up the root account.

Choose a Password for your root account and hit “Continue”. Then, in Partitioner, select “Guided-use entire disk” option

After choosing Guided Partitioning, choose “Finish Partitioning and Write Changes to the disk”. Now, the Operating System will begin its installation process. After the installation process is complete, you’ll be booted into Kali Linux.



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