How to spoof a WiFi and obtain creditintials


Spoofing someone’s wifi in the sense , we have to take over their password. Sometimes ,the password guessing may work and in some cases bruteforcing a wordlist may also work. But bruteforce requires a lot of time and machine power. Depending upon the CPU architecture and length of the Wordlist, the time taken to bruteforce is determined.

But to get thier password in a smart way is phishing them by creating a virtual wifi as same as the name of the wifi you want to get in . so , this would be the correct and non tedious work to hack someone’s wifi password. Creating a virtual wifi in the sense, cloning a wifi which is already available and tricking users to connect to the cloned WiFi and harvest creditintials from them. After creating a virtual wifi with a similar name of the victim’s one , the victim or the users of victim’s wifi tries to connect to the virtual wifi created by the attacker. And then unknowingly he leaves the username and the password. This can be done with a tool called ‘WIFIPHISHER’ installed in kali linux. This is called Evil twin attack to get a access point with a legitimate looking login page.

step 1:

Download the wifi phisher in your kali linux from the github
and unwrap the code using the command

tar -xvzf /root/wifiphisher-1.1.tar.gz
cd wifiphisher-1.1

step 2 :
Fire up the wifiphisher tool using the command
pyhton and after using this command if the unzipping does’nt goes well it indicates that you need additional requirements such as hostapd to be installed in your kali. After installing this you can normally, startup with your terminal.

step 3:

Target the access the point that you want .

step 4:

After entering the number of your target and hitting enter, A Cloned wifi will be made available with the help of hotspot from your Device. The rogue access point (cloned wifi) will ask redirect the user to a router upgrade page when a user is connected. Here, the user has to enter the password for the wifi and when he hits enter, boom! You can see the password they’ve entered in your terminal. So Wait for any user to login in to the rogue access point which you have created.

step 5:

When a user connects and enters thier password, Get the password and deauthenticate the original user.

Done. Now you’ve the password for Original WiFi. Connect to it and enjoy your free internet.

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