How to get whatsapp users ip by sending a link


Create a php file and upload it to your server where you can see your users database. Log the file on the server for viewing the IP addresses that you will recieve further. Server’s log file will show you the victim’s ip.

Is ip of an individual is so confidential…?

The answer is a slightly contrasted one. The yes or no answer goes with specific cases. If the Ip is exposed to the site you visit is a safer side. But if, some men in n the middle captures it, then it will be a worst scenario.

Now i will non tedious explanation on how to get whatsapp users Ip by sending a link.

Add the below open graph meta description in your php file :

<meta property=”og:description” content=”<?php
echo $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]; $line = date(’Y-m-d H:i:s’) . ” – $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]”;echo $line;
file_put_contents(’visitors.log’, $line . PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND);?>” />

Save this php file and check for the presence of this meta description in your php file and then log it to your server.

And copy the url of the php file and paste it in the whatsapp…. Cool, you will able to see the link preview of the url. Where your ip address will get captured.

Finally, check the server’s log for the captured ip Address. You can get the ip address of the whatsapp users by sending the link of the url.

  1. What is the use though….?

After the attacker capture your ip . The first thing he will do is

1. Ping for the Ip and check it is up or down.
2. Scan with nmap for open ports.
3. Analyse your system architecture such as
Operating system, and possible vulnerablities in your device.

After scanning the available ports. The attacker will check for the outdated applications you are using and his attacking aplroach will differ on that.

When everything setsup…. Here comes the exploitation part. Where the attacker use exploiting tools such as metasploit or social engineering you with spammed websites.

In a uncomplicated manner, it can be explained as what if a robber gets a address of the bank… The same case is being done here.



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