How to Gather Information with Maltego ( simple tutorial)


Maltego is an open source software developed by paterva, for information gathering and cyber forensics. People today are in a chaos to find the information of the person they want to know. In this episode, i will show you on how to gather information of a person that you need. And, this scenario is mostly done in cyber forensics area. And it is not a tedious process and you can make it as ease as a pie. Maltego , also deals with the reconnaissance of the domain and the users linked to the domain.

Information gathering…….?

Yes, there will be a query on what info you will gather during this footprinting. In the first case , where you will scan for a domain you will be recieving the DNS hosting, server versions, and in the publically exposed informations.

Process : (organized scanning)

Maltego uses a dedicated server with which it sends the data in the XML format from the client side to the server side. From the server the request will be get recieve to the maltego’s server. From there the scanner recieves the info. This makes the intialization of the attack more simple with a single scan and reduces the time for the attacker to scan manually.

Hey guys, Start up the scanning with these steps: (individual scanning)

Download the tool from the official  Paterva   website.

Create an account and login in the tool:

After installing Maltego, (the open source software) you will be receiving a dialog box to register with the credentials. Register and select remember password so that you don’t want to register again in your host machine.

1. Select a target and the machine you need to scan with.

All you need is the name or the name often used by your target or the victim.

2.Select an email address of the victim, you guess.

With the name provided you can give the approximate Sugested Email id of the person.
If you are searching for a admin of a specific domain, then specify the domain name and the email id in the combined manner.

3. After this step, Maltego generates a number of email ids in a random manner related to the given name from several search engines.

4. Select the email id that you prefer the more and run the scanning with the transform option with a right click.

Transforming the mail-id through URL is the most recommendable way of scanning. This scan will give the name of the sites that the user linked to. Thus, you can confirm the user or a admin of a specific domain. Maltego uses a mirror technology that spider the target domain and return the information related. so, it is easier to search that ,what are the websites that your friend is linked to.


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