How to Delete Whatsapp Messages for Everyone After Months


The Whatsapp’s “delete for everyone” feature has been rolled out few months ago for all the Whatsapp users. This was the most awaited update of all time for all the whatsapp users. Modded Whatsapps like Fouad mods, GB mods has this feature more than a year. At first on Whtasapp’s Beta version, the feature came with an limitation that users can be able to delete the messages they sent on both ends with in one minute. Then the time limit exceed for 7 minutes. And now finally, according to WABetaInfo, the time limit has been extended to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds, on both iOS and android platforms. Ever sent as whatsapp message and regretted for sending it ? Well, ignore the deletion time limit. Practically, we can surpass this given whatsapp deletion time limit and we can go back and delete the messages which were sent few months back. Yes, this is because of the bug found in whatsapp and the bug can be exploited with the following steps.

How to Delete Whatsapp Messages for Everyone After Many Days :

whatsapp delete

  • Choose the message which you want to delete and know it’s information (Time & Date).
  • Now, turn off your internet and hit to settings. Remember that turning of internet is must, else this trick wont work.
  • Now go to “Apps” and choose whatsapp in settings.
  • Click on Force kill. This will prevent Whatsapp from running on background.
  • In your settings, Go to “Time and Date settings”.
  • Now change the Date as few days before the date of the message.
  • For example, if the message was sent on 26.03.2018, after turning off your internet, change your date to 25.03.2018 or any date before 26.03.2018.
  • Now browse back to whatsapp.
  • Hit and hold the message and select “Delete”.
  • You can see the “Delete for everyone” everyone option.
  • Click on it and that’ it, your message has now been deleted.
  • After deleting on your end, turn on your Internet, so that the changes would take place on the reciever’s mobile also.

Turning off internet is must before changing the Date, because Whatsapp can detect that the Manually provided time is wrong using the Network provided time. So, it’s suggested to turn of the Internet to prevent whatsapp from detecting the original time.




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