How to Create Your Own Temporary Email using Telegram


Telegram is a most used social network for private communication and is a trusted network for many hackers.

Even though whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted, Government has legal rights to spy on people’s messages for security purposes.

So, Hackers mostly wont use any social networks including Whatsapp & Facebook. Instead they prefer IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which offers them 100% anonymity like TOR.

Among Social networks that concerns mostly about User’s privacy, Signal and Telegram would share the top places.

Their primary goal is to ensure user privacy. There are lot of Temporary email providers available online like They provide free temporary emails for receiving emails.

These services comes handy when you’re asked to register for something which you are not interested in.

The only restriction in Temporary email is that, you can only receive emails whereas you cannot send one.

Anyways, Receiving is more than enough if you wish to register to have trail on some websites. Some websites keep on asking to register in their site.

During those times, We can use this Temporary mail. The confirmation link will be received in the temporary mail inbox and you can confirm your contact.

So, you don’t have to use your personal email everywhere because it may lead to spamming your inbox.
Well, This post will portray how we can use Telegram as temporary mail service.

How to Create and Receive Temporary Email in Telegram :

Telegram has numerous bots used for various purposes, programmed by random coders. We can use them for multiple purposes. One among them is, using them as a temporary email service.

There is dedicated bot especially created for this temporary email service.

  • To begin interaction with bot, search for @Fakemailbot in Telegram.
  • Find the right bot depicted in the picture and click on “Start”
Temporary email bot in Telegram
Temporary email bot in Telegram
  • Now, If you wish to Generate a Random Temporary email, send “/Generate“.
  • If you wish to choose your custom temporary email name, then type and send “/set“.
  • Currently, the bot only supports email ending with So, choose whatever prefix you wish.
  • Ex : (Note : Common prefixes would have been already choosen by someone else. So pick-up a unique choice).
Create own temporary email ID
Create own temporary email ID
  • If the prefix has not been picked up already by someone else, You’ll be replied with an acknowledgement containing you temporary mail ID.

Now, all the emails that are sent to your Temporary mail will be displayed in your Telegram chat by this bot.

If you wish to delete your current temporary email, then type /id.

List of Available temporary email IDs
List of Available temporary email IDs

You’ll see a unique delete command for each Temporary email you’ve created.

Deleting temporary email ID
Deleting temporary email ID

Enter the delete command of the respective email and the temporary mail will get deleted.


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