How to Create Room in PUBG without Elite Pass for Free

how to create room in pub for free

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is a battle royale game available for PC , Xbox and mobile devices ( iOS , Andriod, and windows ). The game PUBG was created by Brendan Greene and released worldwide on December 20, 2017 (Full version).

About Pubg :

More than 24 million copies of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds had been sold and mostly played in computer and mobile devices all over the world. This multiplayer game involves various missions and objectives which can be completed in three customs – Solo , duo and squad.

PUBG has five servers namely North America, South America, Europe, Asia and KRJP ( Korea / Japan) and two maps – Erangel and Miramar with Classic and Arcade modes. Arcade modes has four different division – War, mini-zone , quick match and sniper training.

The game starts with 100 players matched with respective servers in an airplane. The player who survives for the longest time and The last man standing wins the “Winner winner chicken dinner”.

How to create Room in PUBG

Click on the panel where you can select maps, servers and gaming modes. Down below near training map you will find the Room with a home icon in it. Click on Room and there you can create room and set password (). You can also join other rooms with required password. Rooms have three maps namely Erangel , All weapons, and Miramar. 

How to Create Room in PUBG by Paying :


pugb royal pass
Pugb royal pass

Buying Royal Elite Pass

Obtaining Royal Elite Pass makes you authorized to create a room in PUBG and also provides many other items that can be collected in Royal pass section. Royal pass season 3 is active now

How to Create Room in PUBG without Paying for free :

Earning Clan points – Room Cards

Pubg Clan
Pubg Clan

Click on clan section, Move to shop. There you can buy Room card (1 match) worth 300 clan points. Clan points can be collected in clan training subsection. Only one can be created using the Room card.


    • To buy royal pass for free, you must need cracked version of the game or some UC coins. The former option is a bit dangerous one because there’s a high possibility of you getting banned and kicked out of match. If you go for the first option, make sure you’re testing on your Test Account. Don’t test it with our original account and get banned. For buying UC, there is a lot of online free UC awarding sites but Im pretty sure that most of them are fake.


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