How to access Dark Web from your Android mobile


Disclaimer:This article will contain some dark web stuffs and the author is not responsible  for the illegal activities done on reading this.Damn sure,it will be interesting…

Dark web is totally different from what you are using right now.The contents available in the normal web is only 4% when compared to the dark web which consists of 96% of hidden contents that are not normally included in the usual web.Surfing the dark web is not obviously illegal but when you buy or sell something in it is then it is considered as illegal.The products may mostly guns,drugs,ammo,secret data ,higher organization database leaks and so on which are not normally available in the usual web ,you are surfing through. It is highly not recommendable  to just visit the dark web and touch the things or options you may see.It will cause you major problems and you will get traced on simply using the dark web without any precautions to get yourself anonymous on the dark let me tell the actual precautions to be made when you visit a dark web.

Get a VPN and tor :

Vpn (Virtual Private Network ) will give you atmost security for your data transfer with higher encryption techniques.It is recommendable to use free source Vpn and  Tor . I am not gonna to talk about much on Vpn and tor , because I have given a detailed description on both of them in my previous post.

Stay anonymous with Vpn and Tor

Where to access the dark web:

To access a web you will definitey need an interface as browser and that should be a Tor browser.Through the tor browser you can use the dark search engine and start surfing as in the usual web.

Orfox browser


Steps to get connected with a Dark web:

1.Open the google play store and download the  the following  android appliactions.

Proton VPN(free) and register for this service

Orbot (proxy provider to maintain anonymity in the dark web.

Orfox ( the tor browser)

2.After downloading these apps install it in your mobile.Start the vpn service and the tor proxy and finally get in to the Tor browser through which you can access the Dark web.

3.Open the Tor browser and get connected to the dark web.yes, you are now in .Don’t do anything foolish with dark web without any proper methodologies . make sure that you have made all these steps and then start surfing.

How to surf in the Dark web:

Once,you are connected to the Dark web ,search for Hiddenwiki .In that  you will get a lists of Urls and search engines.The lists of Urls will be showing you many offers such that you can double your bitcoins and buy some products for free. Most of these pages are scam and they are not real.They used to get your credit card details and make,it is highly restricted to give your card details in the dark web.Whenever browsing some thing in the dark web if you are feeling like got tracked with some abnormal activities go for a new search engine or refresh your Tor browser and start with a new identity.Start experiencing the dark side of the web  🙂

Hidden wiki


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