How Hackers hack into Websites ?


We have come across a lot of data breach in today’s cyber world. So what happens behind this breach? How Hackers hack data ?

Mostly hackers would hack data from either a Computer or a website or from an IOT device. Recently a casino has been breached by attackers through an IOT thermostat in the fish tank of that Casino.

Sound pretty cool right? Inorder to hack into something, all we have to do is finding the apt vulnerability and exploiting them in the right time.

To find vulnerability, we have know how the code works. Only if we know how it works, we can find the flaw.

If we have to hack a computer, we should know how the network works. If we have to hack a website, we should know how the database works and if we have to hack an IOT device, we should know how the device works.

Incase of Computer hacking, The vulnerability may either lay on the Network, or in the Application that the computer uses or even in the ports of the computer.

Attackers Attempt all the ways to get in. They have different ways but one goal, to breach in.

Incase of hacking web applications, the vulnerability may occur in coding, or through insecure plugins, or via any other third party application they rely upon.

Say for example, If you want to hack a website and that website is using a plug-in made up by another site, if you find any method to hack that plugin, you can break in to the website that has this plugin.

But before that, we have to what are all the plugins that our target website use. This is where attacker performs reconnaissance and foot printing.

Foot printing in simple terms is like gathering basic information including server type, platform, DNS, cname. Whereas in Foot Printing, we’ll dig deeper and analyse the sub domains, open ports, directories, etc.

Foot printing and reconnaissance are the most essential steps before getting into hack.

We need to learn about the victim. Victim in the sense, the target. The target may either be a human, or a device or a web application.

All the things that exist in the world do have a vulnerability. Some men fall for women and some men fall for money.

Well, that’s even a kind of vulnerability where the attacker can device those men and hack them. So, the vulnerability not only exist in cyber world but also in Physical world.

We all are vulnerable to emotions, reactions, affection etc. Well, that’s out of scope right now and let me show you how hackers hack data or credentials from a website.

How Hackers Hack into a Website :

The larger the code, the higher the chance of bug. The larger the severity of bug, the higher the chance of getting hacked.

This is the criteria for hacking. Most of the websites today depends upon CMS. The Content Management System (CMS) is an application built specifically for the purpose of managing your websites.

It’s hard to hack a website that uses CMS unless you find a perfect vulnerability to exploit.

CMS like WordPress have their own bug bounty program. So, if hackers find a bug, they can act ethically and report the bug to the WordPress team and they’ll fix the bug.

So, what’s the benefit for the hacker who reported them? Well, WordPress team will provide Bounty (Monetary funds, Swags, Crypto currencies etc). So, it’s hard to find bugs in a website that uses CMS.

Let’s exclude those websites and now let’s see the website’s which doesn’t depend upon CMS. 90% People who owns blog depend upon CMS.

But other people who own a website for different reason will build their website manually or through some site builder.

Nowadays, most of the domain vendors and hosting providers started providing site builder.

All you have to do is buy a domain, drag and drop the needed contents and edit them. That’s it. Now you can build your own website.

Even those sites built with site builder will lack bugs. But the sites built with own coding are often vulnerable to hacking attempts.

There are some static webpages that are built with HTML coding. They often don’t store any data in the backend. Their purpose is to display the data.

We dont have to hack the data that is already being displayed right ? Inorder to hack data that is stored in the database, the hacker would use a injection technique called SQL injection.

This is used to inject the attackers malicious queries in the SQL database of the target website and extract data in the website. To learn hoe to hack websites using SQL injection, Go here :



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