Hack the Box Official solutions Leaked Download

hack the box solutions leaked
hack the box solutions leaked

Hack the Box is undoubtedly a best practice site for penetration testing. What makes it unique from others is that, They have private labs and they have their own machines working on it. They allow noob & pro hackers to exploit them for learning and practice. You must have to crack the invite code in order to register. At the beginning,the invite code was embedded into a JavaScript at the invite code page. Digging deep into the JavaScript we can find base64 encoded character. Decrypting the base64 will give you the invite code. But now we don’t have to do all this task since the invite code is embedded as a plain text in the source code of the invite code page. Hack the box has their own discussion forum where users can clear the doubts if they have one. There are lot of YouTube tutorials and walk-through available online for each and every Hack the box machines. The solutions for following Hack The Box (HTB) machines were leaked online.

  1. Apocalyst
  2. Arctic
  3. Bank
  4. Beep
  5. Blocky
  6. Calamity
  7. Cronos
  8. Devel
  9. Europa
  10. Grandpa
  11. Kotarak
  12. Mantis
  13. Minion
  14. Mirai
  15. Nineveh
  16. Node
  17. October
  18. Sense
  19. Shocker
  20. Shrek

Shocker, Mirai, Grandpa, devel, blocky, arctic are the machines that are easy to loop in. They are classified under the category ‘Easy’ whereas the remaining machines come under medium and hard category. Each hack the box solution file has a document ID embedded within the solution pdf file. The solutions for the above listed machines were leaked on in Google Drive with public link sharing enabled. Few hours after the leak, the Google Drive link was reported and the file was taken down. Though, there was enough time for user’s to download all the solutions for the HTB machines. If you wish to test your penetration testing skills, you can start with Metasploitable because you don’t have to depend others. In HTB, you can exploit only free machines. To exploit other machines, you need to become a VIP member. So, it’s better to cope up with Metasploitable which is way more better than online sites.

To download all the Hack the Box official solution, visit the following Google Drive link :



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