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Girl Gang 2019 – Movie Review

American Comic Books first introduced the super-villain fictional character Harleen Frances Quinzel shortly known as Harley Quinn. Later DC comics represented Harley Quinn in the Batman animated series. Harley Quinn is a member of Suicide Squad including Amanda Weller , Captain Boomerang , Deadshot , King Shark , Knockout , Sharpnel , Bronze Tiger , Bolt , Chase and Killer Frost. Harley is affectionate towards the still known ruthless super-villain in the DC Universe , The Joker. Harley Quinn was in love with Joker and admired his destructions , but Joker fake loved Harley Quinn and used her to accomplish his vicious missions. Suicide Squad 2 is said to be released in the year 2019 along with the movie Girl Gang.

Girl Gang is the upcoming movie represented by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros , directed by Cathy Yan. The movie Girl Gang is adopted from DC comics – ‘Birds of Prey’ featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Birds of Prey is a collection of 127 comic series. The comic Birds of Prey includes three super-lady characters namely – Black Canary , Batgirl and Huntress. These three super ladies strikes many villains such as Kobra Prime , Apokolips , Lanisha etc.., Same time Harley Quinn serves treatment for the Joker in Gotham city , as she is a psychologist. Her mind will be manipulated by Joker and she associates with Joker for his villainous intentions.

Later Harley Quinn joins with the Girl Gang and assists them to score up their missions. She is undependable because is she an anti-hero. Harley Quinn is resistant to poisonous toxins with the support of her close friend Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn has the ability to control and communicate with animals and her mind is consistently aware of some telepaths. Harley Quinn is top skilled in combat and a reckless fighter. Thus the movie moves with the superior Girl Gang fighting against the cannibalistic villains. Batman and Robin will appear in the forthcoming parts of the movie Girl Gang.

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