Get Premium Certificates for free in w3schools by Data tampering


W3schools is one of the leading platform for providing e-certification for html, css, xml, java script, sql, php, jquery and other web designing related languages for some specific amount ($95).

This web certification is genuine and has a great value as in normal course it is valuable to get this web certification for low cost ($0.01). In this tutorial, we will see the data tampering technique for reducing the cost of payment and pay through the PayPal payment gateway. First, let’s make things clear with the data tampering technique.

Data tampering is a penetration testing technique where the HTTP request is captured and a specific field of interest is modified and then the request is forwarded. After forwarding the request if the modified field is reflected in the webpage then data tampering is successful.lets apply this method in the payment for the certification of W3schools. It will be good if we move in a step by step process for better understanding.

Step 1:

Visit the site and search for the GET CERTIFIED option and click in that.

Step 2:

You will be redirected to the page with the course selection and the payment details. Fill your mail id details.


Step 3:

After filling the mail id details. Here is the main scene of tampering occurs. Fire up your burpsuite tool for capturing the http request and tamper the price for the payment. Make the intercept on and click the PROCEED button in the webpage.

data tampering with http request

Step 4:

After proceeding ,the request will be captured. Find the price details and reduce to your wish (limited to $0.01). And then forward the request with the intercept off.

price is reduced to $0.01

Step 5:

You will be redirected to the payment gateway with the reduced cost. Choose the Paypal gateway and make your card details filled and finish the payment. That’s it, you will receive the certification asap.

Happy hacking….. 🙂


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