How to get Windows Genuine validation for free



‘FREE’, this word lures you everywhere . In this case , while dealing with the operating systems , the pirated versions rule over the common illegitimation of the consumers or the end users who use these pirated vectors for their daily usage. Now I will give you the brief explanation on the difference between the Genuine and the pirated version of the Windows OS .

 What is  Pirated version literally means?

Commonly people use the pirated version because they could not afford the genuine OS. The main tragedy starts here, so that the programmers crack those genuine windows Os and made them available free online. For example , there is a key and a lock .With the use of the key you can open the lock which makes the Genuine Os . Pirated , in the sense that you don’t have a key so that you breaks the lock  and uses it as same as the genuine.

Is there is any feature overlap between Genuine and Pirated?

Obviously the answer is no. There is no major disadvantage between these two. The pirated version has some silly limitations such as personalization, theme and gadgets . Even though they are cracked Microsoft gives their update to the systems that use the pirated versions so that they can overcome the cracked version and make them safe.

Is pirated versions are safe?

The core reason for the origin of these pirated versions comes here. The programmers crack these windows os and embed it with some malware and virus. These malware are the vector for the hackers to get the data and information of the consumers. Primarily there are two ways of activating your pirated version, some of them comes with the embedded activation keys and in some cases you will need to download some extensions such as Kms pico which is a malware used by the common users to generate the activation keys. These malware comes up with the actions such that it will deactivate your windows defender and makes your system defense free. Some of the extensions makes your system connected directly to the server of the attacker or the provider of the Cracked version. So in this view , it is probably unsafe to use the pirated versions.


Those who finds it hard to afford a Genuine windows  software , there is a simple solution out here..There is a platform called  Windows insider program provided by thee Microsoft to test their pre-built softwares. It is simple as a piece of cake visit the windows insider website and register for the program . you will get the genuine downloader tool for the windows Operating system. Install it and get the Os for free and avoid the malware and virus. Finally, stay safe softwarically.



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