Resignation of Elon Musk after a series of tax issues against him.

The Tesla’s board of directors announce Robyn Denholm as the new Chair of the Tesla board, effective immediately. Tesla announced on Wednesday night that Australian telecom executive and chair of Tesla’s audit committee will take over from Elon Musk as the chair of the company. Scroll down to know more about the reason behind this resignation.

Tesla tweet on their new Chair Robyn Denholm.

The new Chairman:

Robyn Denholm is from Australia and has previous working experience in Toyota, Sun Microsystems, Juniper Networks, and Telstra. She was recently working at Telstra as the Head Of Strategy. Telstra is Australia’s leading Telecommunication companies and very sooner(approx. five months), she will be leaving Telstra to focus on her new company. She is not exactly a newbie to this field obviously and she is believed to serve as a counterbalance to Musk. This Sydney University graduate has a huge hope of mentoring people. She believes that mentoring can change the way people see their lives.

The excruciating year of 2018:

Robyn Denholm has been brought in to help Elon Musk-run the electric car and energy company after an SEC settlement mandated Musk give up the chairman title.

The Tesla company has been experiencing a lot of hardships and hindrances for the past few months. Their idea of whether to make their company private or not nearly baffled their consideration and questioned their decision making capability. Initially, he mentioned that he will never make his company private. He simply hated privatization of his company. But just two weeks after that decision, he changed his mind to make deal with Saudi Arabia and make his company private.

Tweet mentioning about making his company private.
Elon Musk tweet on the privatization of his company

This unsteady decision of Elon Musk nearly shocked every one of his employees. Followed by the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian journalist made him go frenzied. The Saudi Arabian government was suspected for this brutal assassination. To know more about this controversial murder incident, do browse the link below:

The mysterious death of Jamal Khashoggi

Then he made a decision not to take an investment from Saudi Arabian thus making the electric car maker’s company remain private.

His tweet after knowing the situation

His unfiltered tweets on Twitter also invoked a lot of media people’s anger and triggered a fight between Elon and the media. His so-called ‘Bottom of the heart tweets’  caused a lot of disturbances in the development of his company. In his recent interview for Recode podcast, he stated:


“Interviewer: Right, okay, my last question. If you had to redo anything this year, Elon, what would it be?

Elon: It’s fair to say I would probably not have tweeted some of the things I tweeted, that was probably unwise. And probably not get into some of the online fights that I got into. I probably shouldn’t have attacked journalists, probably shouldn’t have done that.

Interviewer: I don’t know why you do it.

ELON: Yes.

Interviewer: Yeah, do you want to say you’re sorry? You can if you want.

Elon: I’m sorry to some journalists.”

For the full interview, click the below link: I owe you, it’s damn interesting!

The Full Recode Interview

Will she recreate the old magic?

Many believe in her as she is known as the Risktaker informed from her closed circle. She recently spoke about business transformation in a video interview which stated:

“I think that transformation sometimes is an overused word, but to me, actually, changing the way a business is performing, whether it’s from an industry perspective or whether it’s just the next phase of the company’s journey, is a very important skill set,” Denholm said. “To me, it always starts with the people. Where are we, from a business perspective? What’s the strategy that we’re trying to invoke? And then making sure that people understand where the company is trying to go and what the necessity is from a transformation perspective. And so, I think that’s a core ingredient and then being very clear. So strategy, people and then making sure that people understand the technology roadmap and what the business processes are that you’re trying to transform to achieve all that.”

For the full interview, Click here:->Interview with Robyn Denholm

Let’s hope for the best of mankind. Cheers!


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