Doppelganger of Barack Obama


The reliability of the internet content is always uncertain for the users. The fake news, images, videos are not new to the internet users and readers all over the world. We know that photos can be morphed and videos can be edited to produce a fake one. Even though the users have evolved enough to identify the trustworthiness of a content which may include texts, images, and even videos, many users are still believing the fake sources. Adding oil to this fire, this distribution of fake news has been enhanced by the deep fake technology which has been reforming era of the internet.

Why worry about deep fake videos?

Deep fake is the AI- enabled Face swap technology which takes fakery to new levels. The conventional face swap technology is not new either in which the users already may have noticed in the well known Snapchat. But with deep learning by machines and Artificial intelligence, these tricks can be automated and are available to many more people. There are many applications that are used for the deep fake. The app allows the users to unleash the power of graphical processors and makes a fake video by swapping face. Many celebrities are also worrying about these kinds of Deep fake videos.


Recently, the “Get out”  director Jordan Peele posted an awareness video that explains to the users how many vigilantes we must be when it comes to getting stuff on the internet. Many other famous personalities appreciated this video since it was indeed a good awareness.

Check out the youtube link to watch the video posted by Jordan Peele:

Statutory warning: The above video is only meant for expressing the reliability of the internet and not to humiliate Barack Obama. We respect him a lot.

Awareness is the first step towards change. And you know, that’s why we have trust issues.



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