How to create a website without coding for free ?


This article actually narrates how we built this domain. A domain is something like This domain name is unique for every website. For example the Website Google has a domain named Inorder to buy, All we wasted is 250₹ for purchasing a domain name. And you can find sites which offer free .tk and other sub domains. But since we are a team, We are inclined to buy .org domain which costed about 250₹. First of all, inorder to make a website, you’ll need three things.

– Domain Name

– Hosting

– CMS or Own Codings

1) Domain Name :

Buying a domain name is less complicated nowadays. All you need to do is, visit a website, choose your desired domain name, choose your extension (.com,, .in, .org) and buy. That’s it. You have successfully registered your domain name. The cost of the domain name depends upon the extension you choose. Sat for example, if you wish to buy a domain name that ends with .com, then you have to pay high. IN & Org domains costs competitively lower than COM domains. This is the part where you have to pay money. The other process can be done free of cost. To buy domains, there all robust websites available today. I would recommend for buying domain names at cheaper cost.

2) Hosting :

After buying, you have to make your domain name accessible by all the users around the globe. So, you have to buy a web hosting plan from any hosting site. There are lot of free hosting sites out there which offer low bandwidth & low storage space. But I would recommend to have a paid hosting if you’re planning to build a large website. For this, I would recommend They offer unlimited storage space as well as unlimited bandwidth. But they offer only 50,000 hits per day. But that’s not a problem if you’re gonna build up a blog. Those who wanna manage database has to worry about that. After signing up in, you’ll be provided with your cpanel link, username, password. So login to the cpanel with the given creditintials and link your domain.

To learn about linking your domain, click here

Inorder to create a blog, We must need a CMS (Content Management System) which will take care of all the contents that are going to published in our blog. WordPress is the must famous CMS which does the job. To learn how to install WordPress in your domain, click here


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