Thursday, February 21, 2019
cryptomining android apps

Top 5 Android Apps for Mining Cryptocurrency (Earn Bitcoins, Ethereum, Monero)

Cryptocurrency mining has now become even easier. Starting in computers and other high end devices, now cryptomining can be done even with a low...
Cryptojacking using wordpress nulled theme

Injecting Cryptominers into Nulled WordPress Themes (Earn Money)

Warning : All the contents provided below is for education purposes only. The Author is not responsible for misuse of the information in this...

How to mine Monero Crypto currency (Beginners tutorial)

What is Monero actually…? Monero  (XMR) is an open source crypto currency , recently came in to existence on 2014.It provides a greater privacy than...

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Coship Router Unauthenticated Admin Password Reset CVE-2019-6441

Nearly all the firmware versions of Coship routers are vulnerable for this attack. The vulnerability lies in the apply.cgi file of the...

A New Dream Theory With Parallel Universe

I will go with the term ----“ According to me”, the dream is a dimension where we are not the mere projection of ourselves....

Elon Musk walked out of Tesla!

The Tesla's board of directors announce Robyn Denholm as the new Chair of the Tesla board, effective immediately. Tesla announced on Wednesday night that Australian telecom executive...