Amazon Go – The Fully Automated store


Amazon-Go :

Imagine a store where you can just walk in and purchase all the necessary stuff that you need and simply walk out of the store without waiting in the outstretched queue. Yeah, that will be awesome but you may think that is only in our dreams. But wait, this is the generation where many dreams became the reality now and yes, amazon-go is one such thing which is inevitably the “Dream come true ” sort of thing. Many tests have been conducted by the Amazon and now the Amazon stores are open in Seattle, Washington, USA. The traditional Brick and mortar retailer concept has been replaced by technology which simply provides a glimpse to the future of shopping.


Jeff Bezos and his crew self-proclaimed this technology as a just walk out thing. The customers must download the Amazon app in their smartphone and create an account in that app to receive personalized information. To sign up for that app, you must enter some of your personal details like your name, address, the mobile number and your credentials which include your credit/debit card number, the CVV and the name of the owner of the card.The app will generate a QR code while you enter the store. All you need to do is to scan the QR code at the beginning checkout and enjoy shopping.


How does Amazon-Go work?

It implements the concept of Machine Learning, computer vision Deep learning algorithm, and highly powerful electronic sensor fusion. The roof of the store is not just another simple roof made of brick and cement but apart from that, it incorporates cameras and sensors to keep an eye on the customers. Once the customers are not interested in the item which they took, they can simply replace it on the same shelf. The moment you enter the store, it automatically set up a virtual cart which contains the list of items that the customer took. The weighing sensors which are located on the shelf recognizes whether an item is placed or not. The virtual cart undoubtedly calculates the bill price.

The moment you exit the store, it debits the cash from your card without any manual conventional practices by the customers. It gives the customers a sort of independence to shop without any waiting.

As you know “With great power comes great responsibility as well as irresponsibility

True to this quote, it also has some loopholes which some YouTubers boasted about the stuff. the sensors cannot easily distinguish identical twins or people having an identical body shape. Commonly in the stores, the children and even the adults accidentally(or purposely) misplace the items on various shelves. The sensors are not that developed to recognize the misplaced items.

Stop saying the future is near, we are the future!!! Strive towards it and stay ahead of the curve.



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