A New Dream Theory With Parallel Universe


I will go with the term —-“ According to me”, the dream is a dimension where we are not the mere projection of ourselves. There are many theories on dreams because it actually breaks the main scientific cause of the dream itself. Scientifically a dream is a result of random electrical brain impulses that pulled images from traces of experience stored in the memory.

But how these images form a story according to the incidents we remember?  That’s how the main scientific cause get exploited here. But the dream is a dimension where we are in a situation that we are longing for. It could be anything .yes, I said anything. Of course, the Origin of the dream may be scientific or may not be, but the cause for the dream is still unknown.

Maybe the dream is the indication of the incident that is currently going on in your parallel universe. That’s not believable, right? Yeah, But still it is a theory. The theory Deja moo explains this one too. Deja moo is a memory of an incident that you thought as already happened, but that is not it. it is the memory of the incident that is currently going on the parallel universe when you are awake. And a dream is the same thing that is happening during sleep.

For a terrible example if you pee in your dream then you are actually peeing in your parallel universe and in the present too which awkwardly defines this theory.

There are some conditions in a dream that is often not refused. Such that you cannot run in a way that you need or do any physical actions that you want to do. There will be a backward force that pulls you from doing any physical work as you want. Some dreams are live as you (you-refers to the ‘you’ in a dream)know that they are actually dreaming and you can pretend like you can do anything you want. The places that come often in your dreams are the places you often visit in the parallel universe may be.

When you came to know that you are actually in a dream and comes out suddenly with unfulfilled things or desire, you will definitely try to get back into the dream. Some persons who really understand the reality of that dimension can actually get back, which is scientifically proved. I would say that picking up a dream from where you left is actually an art.

The backward force we were talking about i.e it is a source of some energy that stops you from changing the incidents that are going on in the parallel universe. So, the concept of ‘YOU’ becomes a mere projection of yourself that is actually you, but not in the current universe.


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