4. 5 Lakh Proposals to Google Assistant in India

4.5 proposal for google assistant

4.5 Lakhs proposal! Google Assistant was launched officially in India and won millions of love by the users. Most loved by the Google users, Google assistant proves to be an undeniably best Artificial Intelligent Assistant available on the market till date. Rishi Chandra, VP of Google Product Management has exclaimed that Google Assistant has received an Overwhelming marriage proposals of more than 4.5 lakhs. This rate proves the poor condition of Single guys in India who don’t cant propose to a girl and instead proposing to a Virtual Assistant hoping that it won’t slap in return. Seems “OK Google, Will you marry me” is the highest asked question ever.

Compared with Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo and Microsoft’s Cortona, Google Assistant stand number one when it comes for Artificial Intelligence. The Assistant can control not only your mobile settings, it can also Smart Devices which are connected to the internet. In the recent press meet, Google has announced that they are in plan to produce Voice assistant speaker. This voice assistant speaker was first introduced by amazon echo. The product name as Google Home is hopefully one of the most efficient Personal Home Assistant. Soon it’ll become one of the indispensable home accessory. Amazon echo has a mini version named Echo Dot. Similar to Amazon’s plan, Google home do also have a mini version named Google Home mini.


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